A section of my blog to discuss my studies.


Seventh Post

I have been doing worse in school this semester than the last, but I’m not sad, this whole school year was more fruitful than every year o class before this. I kind of wish that instead of shipping children to a shitty school, they made it so that they have to upkeep more strict standards than what are currently happening. I remember my school lunch ladies only wearing the proper equipment when they had an inspection.

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Sixth Post

In school recently I’ve been learning about Japanese history (1990s). I’m doing an essay about the events that happened during that period, and how they might have affected futuristic media. A lot of early cyberpunk media was very bleak, dystopian, or otherwise pessimistic for the future. After talking about the events that have transpired from the time period with a friend of mine, I am far more interested in it than I may have once been.

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Fifth Post

My roommate moved out of my dorm. I don’t feel particularly bad about it, but I will miss her. I don’t think she had issues with me. I unlofted my bed and set up my desktop computer. I will be able to do a lot more dev work on VR / Art experiences. I’m very excited for the times to come. A friend of mine did a tarot reading for me today and it was very positive… I feel silly for hoping that it’ll be true.

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Fouth Post


To no one’s suprise at all I had to drop my math class. I’m very upset about it but I was not really prepared for the way that she teaches. I have been in kind of baby math classes for a while because of the highschool I went to having primarily learning handicapped students (or lazy) So we hadn’t even gone through the entirety of fucking Algerbra. I also could not keep up with the latest math teacher I had my last two years of highschool.

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Third Post

Recently it’s been a bit boring. I might just be time traveling through modern schooling. It’s already been like 6 weeks since I started school, but it feels like 2 weeks. I had skipped two of my classes today due to a massive migraine. It still hurts a bit… I think the weather is messing with my head. It’s alright. I am doing fine in the computer science class and I will be upping my game in the math class.

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Second Post

Computer Science Today; my professor is talking about the fundamentals of code. He has mentioned flowcharts and pseudocode in the last few minutes, and then asked me about my bike. (I am sitting in class as I write this). I’m not really paying attention because I think I know what I don’t know. Anyways; during class I am reading random blogs I’ve found on neocities. I’m really into reading incessantpain’s website.

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First Post

I have been in College for approximately 3 weeks or so. My favorite professor is the Japanese Professor, due to his silly nature and terrifying appearance. My second favorite class is English. The way the instructor teaches the course is wonderful, and it has encouraged my love for writing again. More specifically journaling, which is possibly why I started this up again. I’m going to section this Category into notable things I’ve learned recently.

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