Fifth Post

My roommate moved out of my dorm. I don’t feel particularly bad about it, but I will miss her. I don’t think she had issues with me. I unlofted my bed and set up my desktop computer. I will be able to do a lot more dev work on VR / Art experiences. I’m very excited for the times to come. A friend of mine did a tarot reading for me today and it was very positive… I feel silly for hoping that it’ll be true. I love the idea that I’m doing the right things and trying my hardest; and I’m hoping that if I try very hard in school and in my own life I will be able to get past all these years of stagnation and hurt. I went to college because I hate the idea of being at a standstill in life. I think if I could go to college forever I would be happy. I adore learning. I adore being forced to learn new things. I adore meeting people and learning more about them. Doing this over the internet is a bit hard; I can come and go as I please but there is no stability; plus there are people who are just not that interesting on the internet (in far more quantities and more in my face). People who I don’t care to learn more about in person will just not talk to me. People who I don’t care to learn about online will hide their boring qualities behind a flashy website/profile image/etc. It’s much harder to weed out a waste of time over the internet than in person. WRITE MORE BLOGS!!!