Seventh Post

I have been doing worse in school this semester than the last, but I’m not sad, this whole school year was more fruitful than every year o class before this. I kind of wish that instead of shipping children to a shitty school, they made it so that they have to upkeep more strict standards than what are currently happening. I remember my school lunch ladies only wearing the proper equipment when they had an inspection. I remember my middle school math teacher telling us more about his lawn mower than exponents. I also remember when the science teacher in highschool spouted her covid conspiracy bullshit instead of properly teaching us. I think that these situations shouldn’t happen; and that the school system shouldn’t take advantage of a youth who can barely manage to give a shit on their own. Teaching of a two way system, for sure, but how are the students going to be good learners if they can’t be assed to pay attention? We need to take notes on the Swedish or something, I shouldn’t have trauma from highschool.