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Video games and music

Video Games Recently I have been playing a lot of Mabinogi. I was fishing for an event and I ended up making about 1,400,000, which isn’t a lot of in game currency thanks to virtual inflation. I wish I could find easier ways of making money in game. I really enjoy the story even if I’m just skimming through the story without paying much attention; There was a fucking dragon attack?

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The eternal cosmos hungers for my soul; I am the universe and the universe is me. I allow myself to exist on a molecular level due to bordem and laze; I miss you now and forever. Each passing moment is that of dread of which fills me to the brim with haze. I am fog. I am dismay. I am the star that rapidly expands in the distance. Bask in my glory and fill yourself with an animalistic fury from my sufferage.

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