Third Post

Recently it’s been a bit boring. I might just be time traveling through modern schooling. It’s already been like 6 weeks since I started school, but it feels like 2 weeks. I had skipped two of my classes today due to a massive migraine. It still hurts a bit… I think the weather is messing with my head. It’s alright. I am doing fine in the computer science class and I will be upping my game in the math class.


Today we went over question phrases again. This time I’m making a point to write it down so I can remember it easier. Nanji is for numbers, for example. I think it will be fine for me to remember, but I know I’ll get mixed up. I always do. So during quizzes and stuff I end up writing the wrong hirigana… I think of “ke” as I do “na” they look similar as fuck. This is normal beginner issues I believe. Though… I can see “nu” differently than “me” so I guess there’s something right.