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To no one’s suprise at all I had to drop my math class. I’m very upset about it but I was not really prepared for the way that she teaches. I have been in kind of baby math classes for a while because of the highschool I went to having primarily learning handicapped students (or lazy) So we hadn’t even gone through the entirety of fucking Algerbra. I also could not keep up with the latest math teacher I had my last two years of highschool. I think it’ll be okay, it’ll give me more time to focus on my other classes. I don’t understand why my CS class is trying to overcomplicate things. The instructor asked us to count things using for loops; but there’s literally a counter code… I guess it’s good to learn the loop commands but I’m retarded as fuck. x + 1 my ass hole. :fire emoji:.


I have been studying Japanese the most recently. I very much enjoy that class so I’ve been putting way too much focus on it I think. I believe I passed my test, I feel really good about it at least.


We made linocut prints in art; I will be posting my print in a portfolio page I am creating. This can be accessed from the “content” tab (when i upload it; I’ll hyperlink it here in the future). If you would like to buy a linoprint, you can email me. I will be selling them for $15 to $20 USD, I’m not sure yet, the misprints will be sold for $10 USD.


I keep failing assignments in my CS class/sleeping too late so i get really tired during the day. Generally bad stuff. Please wish me luck in these trying times.