First Post

I have been in College for approximately 3 weeks or so. My favorite professor is the Japanese Professor, due to his silly nature and terrifying appearance. My second favorite class is English. The way the instructor teaches the course is wonderful, and it has encouraged my love for writing again. More specifically journaling, which is possibly why I started this up again. I’m going to section this Category into notable things I’ve learned recently.


Recently we have been learning about Hirigana due to the class being an Introductory class. Last week we started getting into Diacritical Marks. I only remember Gu; Due to Ku. I will need to research more hirigana studying methods. Tomorrow; if I have a free moment during work or lunch I am going to study some.

Computer Science

Today we continued learning about binary. I can’t really understand the Instructor so I told myself to google this a bit later; so far I think I should just go over the lecture notes. This stuff is confusing!

To be honest I have a bad habit of zoning out in my lectures. In math it is review, but I also had a different way of doing the problems, so I NEED to pay attention. I am doing horrible in math right now. My art class is also primarily review, though there are some things that the teacher explains more than my highschool art class; as expected. The circular hatching I do sometimes has a name… Who would have thought!