The Realm

Welcome to my Realm. This website was originally created as a testament to my undying love for technology and the internet as a whole. I use it more as a hub for the things I enjoy nowadays. I write about tech, anime, video games, and things I've learned. There is no NSFW content on this website, but there is still artistic nudity. The pink catgirl's name is "Catgrill".

17 August 2023: Compressed art files & updated the formatting to the new system.

8 July 2023: Rewrote blog in hugo, only accessible from index because im lazy right now.

4 July 2023: Fixed guestbook link & changed angel.png.

8 Feburary 2023: Updated webring list.

31 January 2023: Another layout rehaul! The website is mobile-friendly now!

8 November 2022: Today I added the figure page. I've been doing minor edits on the website since the last "official" update too.

9 October 2022: Style overhaul. I was unhappy with the original style, so I'm sorry if you don't like the new look!
I will be reorganizing and moving stuff after this.
If something breaks please clear cookies / tell me if that doesn't work!

7 September 2022: Added Blog

7 May 2022: New Guestbook

13 April 2022: Added webring.html; a page for a webring I have joined.
Need to add section for onion links. Also links has more stuff

5 April 2022: Site optimized for stability and ease of access,
big thank you to Ophanimkei, please look in links for a button to their page,
I appreciate you so much!!!!!!!

August 2021: Long time no see! planning to add a second life page!

30 December 2020:I put the links back! working on getting the NAR file for mayura put in!

3 October 2019: Cleaned up my updates! planning to add a button for MFC.

25 August 2019: Added a site I found in a zip folder.

2 July 2019: I'm here!


My email is ophanim777 (at) protonmail dot com.

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