Video games and music

Video Games

Recently I have been playing a lot of Mabinogi. I was fishing for an event and I ended up making about 1,400,000, which isn’t a lot of in game currency thanks to virtual inflation. I wish I could find easier ways of making money in game. I really enjoy the story even if I’m just skimming through the story without paying much attention; There was a fucking dragon attack? I dunno, If you look at Cadnomori’s website, they write a lot about the folklore Mabinogi is based upon, which is called the Mabinogian, I wonder how much of the story of the game can tie into the folklore… It doesn’t really matter, I’m a cute anime girl in an mmorpg.


I have been listening to more “maidcore” music; post-rock music with atmospheric tones tied in. It’s a really good vibe. I have had trouble finding more music that I enjoy, I have been depending on algorithms more than I should, such as the Spotify algorithm. Even when I’m listening to a playlist of 400 songs, it still only gives me the same 5 songs or so… It’s quite annoying.