Ukagaka & book log

Recently I’ve been reworking a Serial Experiments Lain Ukagaka, this is essentially a little character (lain) that sits on your desktop. It used to function much like Bonzi Buddy, however nobody really uses it for those functions anymore. Some processes I am thinking about including in it are; Random Esoteric Bullshit, Fun Fact button (lain is very interested in computer engineering, pscyhology, and milk, so I thought to include these interests of hers into the ukagaka; much like the Mayura ukagaka says stuff about retro games and old imageboard memes), A diary the user can read (just a mirror of “Lain’s Diary” from the PSX game), a few links to things I feel newer lain fans should read to immerse themselves in the ideas given throughout the show and game, such as historical internet documents, a website dedicated to analyzing just the show through every practical lense you could think of, and the game. I’m not much of a lain fan anymore, but I find the doujin community fun to entertain, I am learning japanese specifically so I can ask the Japanese community how they view about the themes in the show, because that’s primarily what the creators wanted, and talking to people online seems to create a theme of differing views based off where you live geographically and what type of content you view on the internet. Part of this project is fueled by my love for studying social structures on the web; people who tend to stay on clearnet view the show with a very broad thought process, they just think it’s a good show. Those who delve into smaller communities and those kind of off the beaten path tend to think about it and analyze it moreso, it’s really interesting to read peoples’ thoughts on it! I love finding websites that write their thoughts in response to what content they are absorbing. It inspires me to injest more media, because for a long time I have found watching television and playing video games to be a waste of time. I’m still feeling this way, but I’ve started reading books more because they provide a bit more insight to things. I’ve been reading Borges, that’s about it so far. I also started a book about calisthenics.