Sewing Ideas

I’ve been thinking about sewing projects to go through recently. The list of things to draft are a military styled coat, a lace choker outfit, a basic dress, and maybe something lolita inspired (based off a pattern from one of those lolita magazines hehe). I’ve been thinking about drafting some straight legged pants, and I got some sewing resources from incessantpain. As long as I keep having the motivation by the time I have a sewing machine I will be golden. Sewing as an idea seems very appealing; I want to make things. I want to make USEFUL things. I want to wear my art and express myself through clothing and I’ve thought of this idea since I was a kid. It just never felt attainable. I’d ask my mother for a sewing machine and she would say “I have one but it’s broken.” Sewing machines are a bit cheap; I don’t know why we couldn’t get it fixed or just buy a new one. Plus eventually you could get what you paid out of clothing. I’m probably going to start by making clothing for random toys. I should be getting a doll soon after the sewing machine, so when I do I’ll practice making clothes for her.