Last night I fucked around with linux setup again. I opted for lutris setup finally, fixed the font issue with AIR, setup a touhoumon game, etc etc. I feel unreasonably proud of myself everytime I fix something on my machine; Soon I will rebind my new tablet’s keybinds so that they actually make sense with azpainter. As of right now I have also been working on a new layout idea for the website; something that matches the blog theme a bit more. I don’t know if I will adapt the new theme into the website because the new theme does not feel as special to me as the current one. I will keep using this theme for other things, like an archive of sorts. The colors I picked out when I was in an early “webcore” phase (something zoomers made up to fetishize the way the old internet looks). I had green hair, I was obsessed with mothman and internet discourse over fictional shipping. It is embarrassing looking back on it. If I could go back I would focus more on attempting makeup and less time on telling people on the internet to die because they want to be weird online. Anyways; I like pink now. I like old web stuff still, but the idea is more about the content and less about how it looks. I never liked that I used my website for nothing beforehand, with the new idea I have more content and less style. I like this idea. I would like feedback via email (ophanim at or guestbook. If you like my current theme and don’t want me to change please give me a 2 paragraph essay (kidding). If you are more interested in what I am interested in (researching radios, touhou, second life, lain, chobits, old computers, japanese, etc) please tell me so I can focus on formatting my webpage for content rather than aesthetics… Thanks for reading.