Do not worry.

The realm.

Hi!! use the navi on the left to look around :-)!

20 August 2019: Fixed the rest of the sidenav buttons,
added a test page.

28 July 2019: Plan on adding different pages for fun stuff,
be on the lookout.

28 July 2019: Updated buttons on index. Will do the rest later.

17 July 2019: Put commission info in Art.

11 July 2019: I actually went through and uploaded some art.

10 July 2019: Added the wip of a jjba fan page (in weird!)
and fix the buttons!

8 July 2019: Weird will now be used for graphics I make!
The button for my page is in there!

3 July 2019: finished coding the sidebar/pages,
onto what they're filled with!

2 July 2019: I'm here!