The Realm

9 Oct 2022: Style overhaul. I was unhappy with the original style, so I'm sorry if you don't like the new look!

7 Sept 2022: Added Blog

7 May 2022: New Guestbook

13 April 2022: Added webring.html; a page for a webring I have joined.
Need to add section for onion links. Also links has more stuff

5 April 2022: Site optimized for stability and ease of access,
big thank you to Ophanimkei, please look in links for a button to their page,
I appreciate you so much!!!!!!!

August 2021: Long time no see! planning to add a second life page!

30 December 2020:I put the links back! working on getting the NAR file for mayura put in!

3 October 2019: Cleaned up my updates! planning to add a button for MFC.

25 August 2019: Added a site I found in a zip folder.

2 July 2019: I'm here!